Three Months Later….

I’m back (at least for this quick post)! I have missed writing terribly! but finding the time has been a real struggle since my last post (three months ago?!?). You forget how cute little humans require so much of your time and energy on top of my other bigger human children and two fur children, and husband and household to keep in check and oh yeah, a full-time job. But everybody’s busy, right…as my husband said to me recently “no one has cornered the market on being busy”.

Since my last update, Sawyer and I had quite the 9-week maternity leave. We got to know each other, we snuggled a lot, we ate a lot (now I know I can never be someone who works from home full time!), we watched A LOT of Netflix and Amazon Prime (if you need a recommendation I’ve got you covered in my post We watched A Lot of TV), we stayed in on cold snowy days and settled into new routines. I got to pick-up my big kids from school, help them with homework and make weeknight dinners. All things I rarely get to do since Jason beats me home most days, but all things I was thankful for no matter how chaotic at the time.

We are now one month settled into our new normal. Sawyer is adjusting to daycare. He is sleeping through the night, trying to figure out how to control the movements of his arms and legs and still loves being held (can you blame him?).  I am getting settled back into work and figuring out how to manage the responsibilities of our life around the time I spend at work each day.  It’s a balance and I finally feel like we are getting there. While I loved my maternity leave, I am someone who needs to work. First of all, I like food and a house so there are the practical reasons why I work, but more than that I love my autonomy. It’s not even about being amongst other adults; it has everything to do with getting to dictate how I spend my day and what I am going to work on because at home Sawyer calls the shots.

Being back to work ALSO means that I can have an uninterrupted workout each week day! I am lucky enough to have an amazing gym in my office building and being back has really allowed me to get into more predictable workout habits. At home with Sawyer, I made an attempt every week day to work out, but Sawyer often had other plans for me. Some days he was cool with it and took naps, but most days he did not. Many days I would get dressed to workout, put him down for a nap, get 10 minutes in and then he would wake up screaming. Soooo I would stop my workout, go get him and attempt to put him back to sleep and then 10 minutes later he would wake up again. This went on and on until I would ultimately call it a wrap on that day’s workout.

I quickly learned to adjust my expectations for each day and knew that once I got back to work the habit of working out regularly would align and it has. As far as my fitness goals, I am trying to be more reasonable with myself than pre-baby Lauren was. Instead of six days of working out, I aim for five. Instead of all protein and veggies all the time there is oatmeal and bananas and on occasion an obscene amount of popcorn (okay…on a lot of occasions). My goals are different right now and more focused on finding a balance, eating reasonably and moving each day.

Going forward, I am going to try to post something at least a few times each month. I have so much swirling around in my brain and never a shortage to write about. Until next time…

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