Room 323

I miss the hospital. It’s more of a longing actually to go back to the simple time and place where we first met our baby. I’ve had this same feeling with all three boys, and while I can’t say enough good things about our stay and the amazing care we received, it is much more than that. The hospital is where we met our boys. It’s where I labored and delivered three healthy babies. It’s where I experienced a feeling that is so hard to put into words, but it’s where I first felt instant love for three tiny humans. It’s where I showed how strong and brave I could be. Where I showed the immense pain I would go through to bring the greatest loves into my life. I feel like someone needs to create a word to describe these emotions because I know that I am not describing them well. The hospital is a place where I have met the three best gifts of my life for the very first time. The hospital is joy and newness and the world just kind of stops for a few days. There is nothing else but the hospital room….room 323 and in it Jason and our baby. It is where we got to know each other in the simplest of routines and safest of spaces.  I am immensely grateful for these experiences and wish I could relive them over and over again. So yeah, I really miss the hospital.

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