Week 38: I’m Still Pregnant

I really don’t have much to update this week other than I am ready to have this flipping kid! I have been having contractions like crazy (albeit mostly just Braxton Hicks) and he is sitting pretty low these last few days. This baby needs to be born this next week preferably Monday or Tuesday….the 18th really sounds like a great day for him to join our party.

As we get ready for delivery day, I just want to share a fun little game I’ve created call “What Will Jason Eat In the Delivery Room This Time”. Everyone is welcome to play! When I was laboring in the hospital with Chase, Jason decided to order himself a BLT as I was barfing in the hospital bed next to him.  In case you were wondering, bacon doesn’t smell so great when laboring. When I was laboring with Shane, Jason ordered himself chicken wings (see picture below). In his defense I did suggest that he get something to eat this time. I am thinking this go around it will be something Mexican or seafood OR a combination of the two! I have this to look forward too. All suggestions for Jason and guesses are welcome.

I am hoping that this is my last pre-baby post. Fingers crossed that this is it! Don’t mind me while I go eat spicy food, workout, drink raspberry tea and do other activities not appropriate to write about in order to get this baby to make his arrival!

Highlights from Week 38:

  •  I stayed pregnant another week…
Jason enjoying wings as I am laboring with Shane.

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