Week 37: And Now We Wait

I am fairly settled into the idea that Baby L is just going to hang out in here indefinitely.  I know that he is due to arrive later this month, but he seems pretty cozy and content right where he is, and aside from killing my bladder, my workouts and my sleep he is a pretty decent roommate.

This week I had another ultrasound to make sure Baby L was continuing to grow as he has been trending small. At my 32 week ultrasound, he was under 4 lbs. At this week’s ultrasound, he was just under 6 lbs. While he is still pretty small, he did put on 2 lbs in 4 weeks and his weight is trending nicely. The ultrasound tech pointed out that while he may be small he was still chunky as evidenced by some of the pictures she was able to capture.

It’s really just a waiting game now. I am trying not to focus on it too much because the more I think about it, the longer the days and weeks feel. It’s up to him now. We are all technically prepared in that we have everything ready for him. I don’t know if you can ever really be fully prepared to bring a new baby home, but we are as ready as we can get.

Highlights from Week 37:

  • Baby L is the size of a winter melon (?? not sure what this is)
  • If Baby L was born this week, he could be Shane early. Shane was born 3 weeks early and Chase was born 2 weeks early
  • I was able to attend Shane’s Christmas program this week and was so thankful that I could be there to see it
  •  I am planning to join Chase for his scout hike this Sunday. It’s only two miles so shouldn’t be a big deal, but I do have a friend also going who is prepared to deliver Baby L on the trails 🙂




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